Awardify gives you the ability to prepare an upcoming awards season without making it publicly available.

1. "Clone" your active season

To start, click into "Awards" in admin, and click on the "clone" button beside your active season.

This will create a copy of the website's pages, and all your categories, criteria, category groups, channels, and season settings. It all happens instantly in the background the moment you click the "clone" button.

NOTE: Members keep their same accounts year to year. When you set your new season as the active season, they will be able to log in as they always have, and they will see the new categories automatically.

2. Configure your new season

After cloning has finished, the new season's settings will load up in the screen. There you can give your season its name, set the year, and make sure all the dates are right. 

Awardify will automatically set the dates 1 year into the future from the cloned season. But you'll probably need to adjust them slightly.

3. Updating the season's pages and categories

To start updating your categories and other season-specific information, click on the season filter and select your new year.

This only affects what you see in admin. Don't worry, it doesn't change what is visible on the public website!

With your new season selected, you can update pages, categories, groups, channels, and more without fear of affecting your current season's information.

4. Activating your new season

To make your new season "live", head back into your season settings (in the "Awards" area of admin, and under the "Seasons" tab).

Click into your new season, and check the "Set as the active season" checkbox, and hit the green Save button.

Now your public website and members area will load the new season's information.

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