Awardify gives you close control over assigning judges to your categories.

Creating a judge account

1. Click into the "Users" area of admin, and click the "add new judge" button.

2. Fill out the basic account information: name, email, and temporary password. 

When you hit "Save", an email will be sent automatically to the judge's inbox so that they can verify their account. The email will include the password you entered, so your judge will have everything needed for sign-in.

NOTE: It is rare that you will ever need to delete a judge from Awardify. The list of judges in the "Users" area is meant to be a "library" of judges to allow you to activate and deactivate judges for your awards seasons each year (so that you don't have to re-create judge accounts every time you start up an awards season again).

Assigning judges

You can add your judges to categories from 2 different places:

1. Assigning seasons and categories from a judge's user profile

Click into your judge's profile from the "Judges" list in the "Users" area, and there you will see a checkbox list of seasons and categories. Add your judge to whichever seasons and categories you need.

2. Assigning judges from season and category controls

Step 1: Adding a judge to a season in a season's settings

To activate a judge for your current season, click into "Awards" in admin, and then click into your season under the "Seasons" tab. 

There you will find all the judge accounts you've added to Awardify, and you'll be able to add them to a season simply by checking their checkboxes.

Step 2: Assigning judges to categories

Once your judges are added to a season, you will be able to add them to the season's categories. As noted above, you can do this in a judge's user profile. Or you can add judges to categories from a category's settings:

In a category's settings you will find a "Judges for <year of your season>" field where you can add any judge who has been activated for that season.

Or, if you need to assign all judges to the category, just click the "Assign all judges" checkbox. This will automatically select all judges added to the season.

Automatic assignments

When "Assign all judges" is turned on for a category, Awardify will make sure it truly means "all judges". For instance, if you have created new judges after setting up your categories, you don't have to go back into your categories to add the new judges. Because you set the category to "Assign all judges", Awardify will automatically add new judges to any categories marked with "Assign all judges" at the moment when you add a new judge to a season.

Fine-tuning category assignments

If you need to remove a judge from a category for any reason, just uncheck the "Assign all judges" checkbox and remove the judge from the category's "Judges" field.